What is WinRDBI

The WinRDBI (Windows Relational DataBase Interpreter) educational tool is an integral component of database education at Arizona State University, providing a hands-on approach to understanding the capabilities of the following query languages for relational databases:

WinRDBI is founded on the basis of established deductive database technology that uses a logic language (Amzi! Prolog and Logic Server) to query the database instance stored as logical facts and uses the Java Swing API to establish its graphical user interface (GUI).

Download WinRDBI

WinRDBI can be downloaded from here.

WinRDBI Overview

Please see the WinRDBI User Guide for detailed information, including the language specifications. Below you will find some video demonstrations to introduce various features of WinRDBI. (Mac users please use Chrome/Firefox - not Safari.)

Overview of WinRDBI

Exporting and Importing CSV files with WinRDBI

To assist in creating a csv file suitable for importing into WinRDBI, see the csvForWinRDBI.py Python program, which utilizes the pandas module.

Creating a New Database in WinRDBI

Also, an overview of WinRDBI appears in the appendix of:

Understanding Databases:
Concepts and Practice, 1/e

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